Small Swan by Nola Campbell

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This cute little Duck has an open back to store "trinkets" if you so desire.  However, the rarity of this piece should be considered in how one cares for the piece since the potter is deceased. 

Nola Campbell was one of the 7 Master Potters of the original "7 Master Potters: Legacy of Survival" exhibit that was held in November,1995 at the NatioinsBank Plaza in Columbia, South Carolina.  This exhibit was organized by the South Carolina Arts Commission in cooperation with the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project as part of the City Arts Series at NationsBank Plaza.  It was sponsored by NationsBank and MetLife.  The 7 Master Potters were Sara Ayers, Mildred Blue, Nola Campbell, Catherine Canty, Evelyn George, Georgia Harris and Earl Robbins.  All of these potters are now deceased.  Nola's work has been exhibited in renowned museums such as the Smithsonian.  This is a signed piece and is rare because Ms. Campbell is no longer living.  Her swans and ducks have a distinctive workmanship that is instantly recognized by Catawba Pottery collectors.

Approximately 2.25" X 2"