Outdoor Survival: A Guide to Staying Safe Outside
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Outdoor Survival: A Guide to Staying Safe Outside


"This Adventure Skills Guide is a simple, straightforward resource about staying safe during an outdoor survival situation. It distills critical lessons gleaned from real-world survival scenarios into easy-to-digest tips. Whether you're hiking trails in the big woods of Minnesota or making camp in Colorado, the information in this guide will see you home.  

Although the information is concise, it is also thorough. All steps in a survival scenario, from creating shelters and fire to signaling and moving, are covered. Also explained is what to de-prioritize, because doing nothing is always better than making the situation worse.

While this guide is designed for quick reference in high-stress conditions, it's advisable you read it ahead of time. Preparedness goes a long way, and it's not always about gear. Being mentally prepared for an unfortunate circumstance should be the first step, not the last."

Written by Benjamin Sobieck, a former editor of Living Ready magazine, a publication dedicated to preparedness.

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