Mini Pot by Edwin Campbell

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Edwin “Red” Campbell (1955-2014) was the first Catawba potter to work in tiny pots – less than an inch in size – in a century.

This exquisite miniature pot with removable lid is a rare piece of Catawba pottery.  It was made by Catawba potter Edwin Campbell who is deceased.  Many Catawba Pottery  Elders state that the miniatures are the "hardest to create" because they are made the same way that the larger pieces are made but because of their size, they have to be carefully rubbed and fired.  They are also hard to reclaim out of the ashes once the firing process is complete because of their size.  This piece is an excellent example of his workmanship and is extremely hard to find today.

 Approximately 1" tall and 1" wide.  With removable lid.