Mini Painted Pot
Mini Painted Pot
Mini Painted Pot
Mini Painted Pot
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Mini Painted Pot


"Navajo pottery is hand painted on a wheel while the clay is still soft. Etched designs are then made using fine carving tool on either red terracotta or white gypsum clay. After the piece has been fired, the resulting designs will clearly and permanently show through.

Horse Hair Pottery has an additional challenging step in which hair from the tail and main of a horse are sprinkled on the piece at just the right moment so that the hair will burn into the pot as black lines that give each pot a unique and unrepeatable design."

These beautiful pieces of pottery were hand crafted by Viveca Tsosie. "Viveca is a member of the Navajo tribe. Her clan name is the Towering House People. She is skilled in both etched pottery as well as painted pottery and is known for her distinct style of using vibrant colors in her work." These miniature pots measure roughly 2inX1.5in

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester