Indian Rocks Card
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Indian Rocks Card


Are you interested in the traditional uses of certain rocks and stones? This unique card will help you learn the types of stones Native People once used and the purposes thereof. Each card comes with small samples of quartz, agate, sulfur, marble, terra cotta, serpentine, sandstone, granite, pyrite, salt, chrysocolla, and obsidian.

Quartz: When struck together, sparks are produced for starting fires.

Agate: These chips were used as points for spears and arrows.

Sulfur: Used by medicine men to cast spells.

Marble: These iron concreations were used by the ancient people as ornaments, weapons and in games.

Terra Cotta: Used in making pottery.

Serpentine: Chips were carved into tiny fetishes to help herdsmen protect their flocks.

Sandstone: Used to form molds for silver casting.

Granite: Used as mortars and pestles for grinding corn into meal.

Pyrite: This fools gold was used as inlays in jewelry.

Salt: Used for food storage and tanning animals skins.

Chrysocolla: Used in jewelry and sandstone painting.

Obsidian: Used for knife blades because of the rock's sharp edges.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester