Foraging in North America: The Top 12 Plants to Seek Out
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Foraging in North America: The Top 12 Plants to Seek Out

"While there are many excellent guides on foraging, this Adventure Skills Guide is different: It features 12 easy-to-identify plants that are common in most of North America. Ranging from the ubiquitous dandelion to the familiar cattail, the plants included here are easy to identify, abundant, and have a high nutrition value.    If you're a beginning forager, the plants here are a good place to start. By carefully examining the plants you find in the wild-even those you already probably know- you'll hone your observation skills and start to develop the expertise you need to confidently collect for the kitchen table. And once you're ready to get started (and have confirmed your finds), the plants here are simple to gather, and preparing them is easy, whether you're supplementing a recipe or making a main dish. So, get out there, start identifying plants, and enjoy an up-close look at nature's bounty!"  Written by Tom Anderson, a professional naturalist and Director of the Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center.
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