Tribal Historic Preservation Office

The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) was amended in 1992 to establish tribal historic preservation programs.The THPO assumes any or all of the functions of a State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) on their tribal lands. There are over 150 THPO's to date. 

The role of THPO's in the Section 106 process includes, but is not limited to consultation regarding culturally appropriate methods for the following:

1) Identification of historic properties of religious and cultural significance.

2) Evaluation of such properties for eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places.

3) Assessment of effects to historic properties.

4) Determination of appropriate means to avoid,minimize, or mitigate adverse effects to such properties.

5) Resolution of adverse effects. 


Tribal Historic Preservation Officer is Wenonah George Haire, DMD.
Contact Information: 803-328-2427, extension 226
1536 Tom Steven Road
Rock Hill, S.C.  29730