For over 25 years the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project (CCPP) has provided children and adults with an introduction and insight into Catawba culture. Each year thousands of people from around the world visit the Cultural Center and are treated to demonstrations of drumming, dancing, pottery, beading, and much more.

In addition, we offer a variety of classes including basic Catawba history, storytelling, and hands-on classes in beading, basketry, and other art forms. Programs and classes can be modified and adjusted to meet the needs of your group and we are always adding new program offerings. We welcome groups from schools, churches, corporations, and organizations to participate and learn more about our culture and history. All proceeds from program offerings go to supporting the mission of the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project. By working directly with our organization, you can support us as we preserve our culture.

See below for information on volunteering at CCPP.

To learn more, schedule a program, or view pricing, please contact Kassidy Plyler at (803) 328-2427 ext 223 or by email at

General Program

Spend one to two hours with Catawba storytellers and culture keepers. Learn about the rich culture and history of the tribe through storytelling. See both traditional dancing and the modern pow-wow style of dancing. Watch hands-on demonstrations of traditional Catawba arts. Hear and learn the Catawba language. These program offerings are available at the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project or off-site at your location with an additional traveling fee.
Length of Experience: 1 to 2 hours
Min/Max Participants: 25-125 depending on age range of guests
Availability: Year-round. Reservations required.

Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare some delicious traditional Catawba dishes. Your group will learn about indigenous and traditional plants and how they were traditionally grown and harvested and will then create dishes using both new and traditional flavors. You will learn how Catawbas cooked prior to skillets or cast iron, and how we preserved food without refrigerators. This program will delight all of your senses!
Length of Experience: 3 Hours
Min/Max Participants: 8-10
Availability: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Reservations required.

Basket Class

Basket weaving has been a vital skill for Catawba for thousands of years. Come explore how this art form morphed from utilitarian devices to collector's pieces. Explore how different natural materials can be harvested and used in baskets. Explore different designs and styles of basketry while constructing your own to take home with you.
Length of Experience: 3-4 hours
Min/Max Participants: 10-20
Availability: Reservations required.

Dinner with the Catawba

Want an experience you will never forget? Come and enjoy dinner with the Catawba! You will be served one of four traditional meals, such as venison stew with white/black bean bread, one of our scratch-made cobblers for dessert, and Catawba sweet potato cakes/bread. The program will also include a 45-minute presentation that showcases different styles of dance from traditional Catawba dances to competitive style. Your experience will conclude with a participatory friendship dance.
Length of Experience: 2 hours
Min/Max Participants: 30-50
Availability: Reservations required.

Native American Games

Come explore traditional games, how they were made, and the lessons they can teach us.You’ll learn about the important role that games had in the lives of Catawbas and other Native Americans. You’ll even get to make a traditional game of your own to take home and play with friends and family.
Length of Program: 2 hours
Min/Max Participants: 25-40
Availability: Reservations required.

Volunteer Programs

Bring your school, church, service or professional organization to CCPP for a full day of volunteering. Groups can volunteer with the gardening program, clearing land for the Living Village Construction, cleaning up the Yehasuri Trail, or a variety of assorted tasks. Combine your volunteering with one of the programs above for a full day of cultural learning and fulfilling volunteering. We welcome a variety of group sizes and ages, as well as a variety of service lengths throughout the entire year.
Length of Experience: Flexible
Min/Max Participants: Flexible
Availability: Reservations required.