The Yehasuri Trail

by Ashley Sexton on June 21, 2017

The Yehasuri trail is a scenic trail that is part of an historic wagon wheel trail that dates back to 1810.  At the end of the trail you will be treated to a view of one of the most beautiful sections of the Catawba River that exists today! There are only two free-flowing sections remaining and this area is one of them. If you linger long enough by the river's edge, you'll most likely see a Great Blue Heron skimming the water. There is a rock shelf that extends across the river and the sound of the rushing water is worth the hike!  Along the trail you will be treated to several exhibits depicting the lifeways of the Catawba Indians, as well as the beautiful flora and fauna that are often found along the trail.  Some of the exhibits that you can expect to see are a heritage garden where native plants are growing, a 19th century replica of the Isabelle Harris house site, a 19th century Archaeology site, a bark house, and points of interest about our flora and fauna. Coming soon is our living Catawba village where one can learn more about our Catawba lifeways.

The trail is based on one of the Catawba folk tales, the Yehasuri (Little Wild Indians). They are inhabitants of the Catawba Spirit World and exemplify the Catawba Cultural Center, providing the trail with a story, a purpose, and an atmosphere of authenticity sure to leave the flavor of a true experience.

The trail is approximately 1.5 miles round trip with about a 50 foot elevation.  The difficulty of the trail is classified as Easy.  There are benches along the way to rest and most of the time the trail is shaded.

Enjoy your walk and keep a look out for the "Little Wild Indians" for whom the trail was named.  Remember that the Yehasuri Trail is a compilation of living exhibits, a time line and a nature walk.

This is a nature trail so keep your eyes out for the moderate wildlife that call this home.  We encourage you to take time to check off which species you see and to learn the Catawba names of each species.  You might see the following while walking the trail:  opossum, five-lined skink, turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk, common crow, mockingbird, Carolina chickadee, white tail deer, eastern gray squirrel, eastern cottontail rabbit, rat snake, Fowler's and Southern toads, cardinal, American robin, turkey, eastern box turtle, blue jay, tufted titmouse, raccoon, copperhead snake, common king snake, marbled salamander, common grackle, Carolina wren, brown thrasher, mourning dove, and the bald eagle. Please let us know what you found!

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