Catawba Designs FAQ

by Wenonah Haire on August 16, 2020


The Catawba Cultural Preservation Project is exploring new ways of supporting our tribal artists by partnering with a dropship vendor called Printful. 

  •  What is Printful?

  • Printful is an on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products including clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses.

  • How does Printful work? 
  • All products are designed or photographed by Catawba citizens. Selected designs are then uploaded to Printful as a series of items (example: posters, shirts, and pillows). When an item is ordered through the Craft Store, Printful creates the product and sends it directly to the customer.

  •  How do I participate?

  • There are several ways you can participate:

    1. You can sell your art to the Cultural Center by emailing a digital copy of your work to:  If your piece is selected the Cultural Center will ask you for further information which will be submitted to the Accounting Office which will mail your check to you within 1-2 weeks
    2.  You can decide to donate your work to the Craft Store, Exhibitions, or Archives.
    3.  You can share pics your family, friends, and yourself  wearing these new items by tagging them with #realCatawbaArt.

  •  If I submit work and I’m a Catawba citizen will I automatically be selected?

  • Because this is a paid opportunity the Cultural Center has a limited budget for purchasing artwork. This means that not every design/photograph that is submitted can be purchased by the Cultural Center. For the time being, the Cultural Center will only offer a flat rate of $50 for selected designs.

  •  What kinds of products might my work be printed on?

  •  Mugs, towels, pillows, shirts, baby onesies, laptop sleeves, water bottles, framed pictures, sheets, hats and many more items.

  •   What type of art are you looking for and how many times can I submit art?
  • You can submit art as often as you like. We are open to all types of art from Traditional to Contemporary.  You may submit pictures, drawings using different mediums such as charcoal, oil-based paints, acrylic paints and photography or any other digital medium. The only eligibility requirements are that the piece MUST be original artwork that you have created, you MUST own the artwork, AND you MUST be a Catawba citizen.

  • Can youth submit art? 

  • Absolutely! We encourage art from our Catawba youth.  However, if their work is selected their parent or legal guardian must sign the release paperwork and agree to receive the check on behalf of the youth.

  •   Will there be any other expectations from the Cultural Center if I decide to participate?

  •    Selected artists must fill out an agreement. This agreement includes:

    • Biographical information for inclusion on our site
    • Information needed to cut and deliver your payment
    • Giving CCPP the non-exclusive rights* to the piece you submitted.
      *non-exclusive rights means that the CCPP has the right to use the image but you as the artist also retain the rights to the image


    We also hope you’ll share these beautiful new products far and wide with your friends and family!

  •  What if I have questions or want to submit work? 

  • Email us at:

    *Due to COVID-19 we are not able to assess work in person at this time



    CCPP Team


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